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The Neulinge Collective consists of four South Asian artists from Pakistan, Srilanka and India who have come together to debate, discuss and highlight issues that relate to global politics and its impact on women of colour. As South Asian women we are thinking of continuous geographies and how South Asia can be reimagined today in the sense of renewal from spaces of unfreedoms and fraught relations. Migrancy as we know it is a planetary condition while attending to experiences of forced departures, diasporic upbringing, displacement that is carried out beyond the border lines. We are thinking of geographies of a different place than what lives in the individual and social imagination, a different moment in time, a different leap into the future. We challenge stereotypes regarding our post- colonial identities, gender roles, age and our relationship to empire and its influences. As a collective, we have banded together to give rise to a new voice representing our unique diasporas using a variety of methods and materials through group shows, collaborations and workshops, podcasting and publications.

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